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The average American household has $204,000.00 in debt. Most are struggling to pay that debt, others are undergoing financial hardships that make day to day life difficult for themselves and their families. To the rest of the world you are just a credit score…and they do not even give you a look unless you fall within their many many guidelines. Sound familiar? Thought so – BUT do not feel bad! You are NOT alone. As a matter a fact, we have been there…right where you are now. Whether you are on the brink of financial hardship or you are already there, poor credit score in hand, we feel your pain.

Everyone in the world is at a different financial stage in life. Some are in a great position and others may be experiencing financial hardships. Here at Subprimebankrate.com, we are here to help providing you the knowledge and assistance needed to reach your goals. We created this website so that we could pass down the many years of financial experience that our team has to you! Our team members are very passionate about helping others with their personal finances. Everyone on our team has at one point in their life been in a jam – so we understand exactly how it feels…we also know what it takes to get out of the ditch and back on the road to success.

Our team specializes in personal finance, loans, mortgages, business, pensions, insurance, credit, retirement and investing. We have the latest and greatest methods and strategies to put you on the road to financial freedom and success! Unlike most other services, we offer FREE consultations to the American public, because we know that its hard to find good help when you are down and out. No matter what your situation is we can advise you on your next step and provide you with the tools needed to get back in the game!

Feel free to contact us at any time. We are always here to help.

From the staff at Subprimebankrate.com:

We care more about your financial FUTUREthan your financial past! Everyone deserves a second chance!

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